The focus of our school academic program is on literacy, numeracy and the creative arts of music and visual art. Our curriculum is always embedded in the local and international context, with adjustments made to take account of our location, and the nationality of our students.

Teachers incorporate both the developmental approach to programming (physical/social/ emotional/language/and cognitive) and the six Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) used in Australian schools.

The KLA’s are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Creative Art
  • Human Society and its Environment (HSIE)
  • Personal Development
  • Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)




    School Aims:

  • To develop each child’s love of learning by providing opportunities to explore their world through structured learning and self directed play experiences.
  • To provide quality education in a happy and secure learning environment.
  • To nurture and develop each child’s abilities, ideas, interests and confidence in themselves as learners.
  • To recognize and be responsive to each child’s individual needs and achievements.
  • To lay a firm foundation for all future learning.


    Our Values:

  • Respect for one another – demonstrated through: 1. Recognition of, respect for and tolerance of one another’s differences. 2. Consideration of others’ needs, feelings and points of view.
  • Learning – we recognize that it has many forms and is a life long process of growth.
  • Success – we provide opportunities for each person in the school to achieve success.
  • Personal Best – we extend our students through high expectations so that they reach their best potential.
  • Risk Taking – we recognize that is how we real progress with our learning and understanding of the world.
  • Open and Honest Communication – among all members of the school community, it is the foundation of the parent/school partnership to work together so the children have the best possible opportunity to achieve their best.