Specialist Classes

Specialist teachers conduct classes in Music, Art and Thai Language and culture. In addition, our curriculum is enriched with a perceptual motor program, digital technology, swimming and library sessions.


Through singing, dancing, and playing instruments the children demonstrate an awareness of musical concepts such a beat and rhythm. They respond to music through movement, explore different sounds and identify music features.


Children have the opportunity to express themselves through their art making. They explore different colours, textures, tools, techniques and artists. Through their sensory experiences they manipulate, discover and explore various art mediums.

Thai Language and Culture

Children learn basic Thai vocabulary through songs, rhymes and picture cues. They develop an awareness of the culture through stories, interaction and festival celebrations.

Digital Technology

AISB encourages children to focus on using computers to enrich and extend their learning across the curriculum. Robotics is offered to students starting from Year One.

The Perceptual Motor Program (P.M.P)

The Perceptual Motor Program is a movement based program that develops foundation motor skills which are pre-requisite for effective classroom learning. For example, a child learning to catch a ball is practising the eye movement actions necessary for reading. In fact all communication skills, reading, writing, speaking and gesturing are essentially motor based activities. Thus by focusing on these foundation motor skills we are helping the child’s intellectual development.


At AISB chess is considered a modern day activity that encourages and helps develop in those students who play the game, many qualities which can contribute strongly to their learning. Among these are alternative thinking; making plans; changing plans; persistence, grit and problem solving. All of these factors help students become better learners.

Foreign Languages

Students are introduced to Foreign Languages from Year 2 with French and Mandarin. From Year 3 students can select from French, Mandarin, Japanese and Thai. Both Native speakers and Non-Native speaking classes are offered for Japanese and Thai