I am Jirada, mother of Cake at Year1 RI campus. I am writing this message just to show my deep impression in RI campus teaching, administration, and staff. My daughter has been a part of AISB RI for one month. She is really happy and enjoys going to school. Also, she has very impressive progress in English; especially in pronunciation. Miss Diana pays very good attention in my daughter’s learning and everything at school. Ms. Sudarat and other staff including Ms. Corrina are also very active and enthusiasm. Besides education at AISB RI, other details such as food and snack are very interesting and impress parents like me.

I hope this campus will be continuously developed and the very good service will always be provided to all parents and students..


Ramintra, 2012

Before finding out this school, we were very hard seeking and planning the best useful time spending in summer for Shasha where she can get a t least familiar with English language. We went to many International schools, but ending up at this school with the impression of teaching approach where English language will be used in variety contexts of kid’s activities, such as cooking class, sport activity, music and art play.

After the first week of studying, we could notice that Shasha is really enthusiastic in speaking English by asking us to speak to her in English, even though she has not yet been able to response back. Then after only a few weeks of school, we spot a big difference in her language skill, particularly the vocabulary which she can use to convert with us, and also her confidence to speak to the teachers in English. I think the several activities in class encourage her interest to speak English without getting bored, and find English language is fun.

Only a few weeks, from almost zero to  almost sentence of English language when Shasha speaking English at home, it is very impressive to us!!!.

Big THANKS to Australian International School, it is a valuable summer for our kid.

Sasha’s Parents

Ramintra, 2011

Our son, Sean, loves AISB so much because he comes back with laugh and smile everyday. For parents, we like the cleanliness of the facilities and the activities that school is conduction for children since they have fun as well as learning at the same time.

Thank you to teachers and staff of AISB though Sean has to go back to his regular school but he will be back again during his holidays.

Kittisak & Lawan Cholasueksa
Ramintra, 2011