Our School

Our History

The Australian International School of Bangkok was established as a small early childhood centre in 2003 in Sukhumvit Soi 20.

The Soi 31 campus was established in 2014.

The Australian emphasis in the school comes from the influence of the Australian curriculum which is adapted from the New South Wales curriculum and it is now based on the Australian national curriculum. Many of our teachers are from Australia.

Although the curriculum is Australian, the multi cultural nature of the school community is celebrated by the recognition of many national and cultural events during the year.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a supportive, child-centred learning environment, where children of all nationalities discover the joy of learning, and obtain a firm foundation for fulfilment and success in their future education.

Our Vision

AISB will continue to develop as a community of learners where all members of the school community are valued for their individuality, culture and heritage and are encouraged to develop to their full potential in a stimulating and caring educational environment.

As it grows and develops, AISB will continue to be a school where children are at the centre of all we do. It will be a place where children are encouraged to explore their environment through play experiences and express themselves through writing, construction, creative arts, cognitive and manipulative activities. Through the provision of a quality education in a happy, relaxed learning environment, the school will develop each child’s love of learning through structured activities and supervised free play.

We will maintain good communication with the parent community, inviting parents into partnership with the school so that the school and the home are united in helping each child develop as well rounded, well adjusted people who strive to achieve their personal best in both their academic pursuits and in their social interactions.

Our Values

Our school is committed to the development of the following values in our students:

  • Respect for one  another – demonstrated through: 
  • – recognition of, respect for and tolerance of one another’s differences.

    – consideration of others’ needs, feelings and points of view.

  • Learning – we recognise that it has many forms and  is a  life- long process of growth

  • Success – we provide opportunities for each person in the school to achieve success

  • Personal Best – we extend our students through high expectations so that they reach their best potential

  • Risk taking – we recognise that is how we make real progress with our learning and understanding of the world

  • Open and honest communication among all members of the school community. It is the foundation of the parent / school partnership to work together so the children have the best possible opportunity to achieve their best.

  • Organisational  Structure

    • School Director :

    Mr. Greg Cairnduff


    • HR, Business and Marketing :

    Malini Chawla – Business Manager

    • Teaching and Learning:

    Judith Sowden – Coordinator of Teaching and Learning

    • Finance :

    Siriluk Varnitcharuck – Chief Financial Officer

    • School Development:

    Karawin Kirtikara – Development Manager


    • HR, Business and Marketing :

    Amy Tan – Business Manager

    • Teaching and Learning:

    Judith Sowden – Coordinator of Teaching and Learning

    • Finance:

    Siriluk Varnitcharuck – Chief Financial Officer

    • School Development:

    Karawin Kirtikara – Development Manager

    Our Teaching Staff

    The teaching staff consists of fully qualified, registered, native-English speaking teachers from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

    The teachers are supported in their work by well qualified para-professional Teaching Assistants. Each class also has a Nanny to assist with the care of students.  As class sizes are purposely kept small, with no more than 16 children in nursery classes and not more than 20 children in K1 to Year 3 classes, all children receive individual care.

    School Services


    The school operates a bus service for children living in the vicinity of the school. Further information on routes and costs can be obtained from the office.


    Nutritious snacks and lunches are available for students. Students with special dietary needs, other than vegetarian diets, are required to supply their own lunch. All meal times are considered learning opportunities and as such teachers and support staff supervise all meals.

    The School has a nut free policy.

    Sun Smart School

    AISB subscribes to a sun smart policy to protect children from harmful sun radiation. All children are required to wear a sun hat during outdoor play. Broad-rimed sun hats can be purchased from the office.


    Classrooms are well equipped and the school has specialist facilities including a swimming pool, multi-function sports room, library and a music room. Our outdoor play area is also fitted with play equipment especially imported from Australia.